The New Radfan that everyone is talking about is a the brainchild of two university students from Northampton University, Roland Glancy and Simon Barker. After one day being set a challenge by his wife Roland set out on a mission to resolve it. Simply put his wife said this don't make sense I am sitting in the room freezing, the central heating is on which we are paying for and the radiator is hot, so why are we paying for the heat yet I am still cold. She said 'You are a Design Engineer- so design something.

She of course was right and the heat from the radiator was in fact going out the widow to heat the great outdoors and there was little benefit to her. Simon realised if he could deflect the heat in some way that this would go some way to solving it. But deflection wasn't enough, he had to find a way to push the heat back into a room so noiseless fans were designed in that work on a thermostat that only work when the central heating is on and cost less than £2 a year to run. The plastic moulding is heat resistant and designed to look natural in the room and can easily be attached and removed from the radiator so that it can be used in any room simply by lifting the device and placing it over the radiator. 

The product comes in various sizes to fit most radiators in the house and test have shown that on average a household will save around a third of the heating costs. The fans are very quiet and non intrusive and can remain plugged in, as they only work when you need them to. 

The amazing Radfan is available here along with testimonials of people who are using them and more information. So don't get caught out this Winter try the new Radfan and stop the heat you are paying for going out the window. See the Radfan here - click here