Laminate Insulation Tape


Step 1. Dust down the skirting board and apply ESS Insulation Tape to ensure the gap between the wall and the floorboard is sealed. This can be done in sections as required or as a whole room.

Step 2. Brush the floorboards to clear any loose dust and then apply ESS Insulation Tape across any gaps between the floorboards and around any extruding pipework as required. 

Step 3. Lay the underlay and laminate boards as per instructions to ensure it butts against the ESS Insulation Tape that has been applied to the skirting boards. The underlay should cover all of the floorboards and ensure it is laid flat and there are no rises. 

Step 4. Cut the laminate board as necessary to ensure as close a fit as possible around any extruding pipework and re-apply the ESS Insulating Tape as required.

Step 5. Fit the laminate edging as required to the skirting board with small tacks to ensure a close fitting edge to the laminate boards covering the ESS Insulation Tape to give a professional finish. 

Laminate insulation tape that can be used to seal off around the edges of the skirting that has enough tackiness to ensure it stays on but also allows for expansion when the wood moves. No floor to wall is dead level and the non permanent insulation tape will ensure that no cold air is allowed in or tiny insects like spiders, ants, slugs etc from the outside or under the floorboards. This tape can be fitted easily when laying new laminate floors or retrospectively if cold air seepage is a problem in your room. 

If you want to relay the carpets later then the tape peels off and allows the carpet the clearance required to fit under the skirting board. Unlike expandable foam where it can be messy or difficult to fill the gaps, the tape can easily be cut or torn to length to insulate the floorboards or skirting around the edges where the cold air seepage is coming from. Many people are having this problem in their rooms as the laminate wood floors need to breathe and the cork board or underlay used is not fit to the edges and there is a gap left by the fitters. This gap allows cold air seepage, so before you go to the cost of having to relaying carpets, try the laminate insulation tape. Its quick and easy to use and will make a considerable difference to the room temperature when applied around the skirting boards. It is a lot less expensive than new underlay or a new carpet. If you don't like the insects it will stop this easy access from the outside cavity wall or from under the floorboards of your house. 

For the DIY fitter then this tape can be fitted around the skirting board, after dusting off any loose dust and across any gaps that can be seen between the floorboards and around any pipe fittings extruding through the floorboards. If you are employing a fitter to fit your laminate floor then you can buy the insulation tape in advance and ask them to use it as they install or as part of their pre preparations. You will be glad you did as the many complaints we hear are, that people love the look of the laminate flooring but the rooms are cold. By applying the ESS Insulation Tape as part of the pre preparations or retrospectively this is the solution to cold rooms and will help to ensure that you are not loosing heat from your room by letting cold air in.

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