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Product Code 006 Wireless RF Plug Thermostat
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Our Floureon branded thermostat wireless device will turn your electric fire or radiator into a thermostatically controlled device which ensure you only use electricity to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature and turns the electrical fire on when the temperature is below that required and turns it off again when it rise half a degree above the desired room temperature. All easily controlled by a wireless device and you can change the temperature just by a + or - button and it will constantly monitor and show you the the room temperature. It will also work the same way with electrical fans to ensure they are only running when they are needed and are not on constantly burning energy. All of this will reduce your energy costs. see more information

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We also supply an unbranded wireless thermostat the Remote Control Wireless RF Plug In Thermostat. This can be used to control individual areas, designed to be used with portable heating appliances. An Aesthetically designed unit to compliment any room in your home or greenhouse. It will automatically turn On/Off heating appliance as the ambient temperature changes. Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostats, this unit is a new type of thermostat separating the thermostat function into two units. The Remote Controller serves as a user interface and temperature sensing/controller. You can put the Remote Controller in your required room and can read/control the temperature of the living area / comfort zone while the Receiver is situated besides the heating appliance up to 3Kw.

Product Code 011 Silver One Remote Control Socket Kit
Product Code 014 Silver Twin Remote Controls Kit (Not Available)
Product Code 017 Silver Triple Remote Controls Kit

Household appliances are not designed to be left on standby mode overnight. Effortlessly turn off household items in the evening and switch back on in the morning, significantly reducing your energy costs and potential fire hazards. Ideal for those with mobility issues. Remote control plugs have a full 30m range and high radio frequency for out of sight appliances. Perfect for plug sockets situated in hard to reach and awkward places, reducing energy wastage. 

Hand-held remote control allows you to operate light switches, wall sockets and adaptor.

Product Code 010 White One Remote Control Kit
Product Code 013 White Twin Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 016 White Triple Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 012 ESS One Remote Control Kit
Product Code 026 ESS Remote Controller
Product Code 018 ESS Triple Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 015 Black Triple Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 019 Black 5 Pack Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 028 Black Remote Control Extension Lead

Use the device to switch all appliances off at the plug ( instead of leaving on standby), even those with mobility issues or plugs that can be in hard to reach places can no be switched off by using the remote control either directly in the wall if they are connected or through an extension. Leaving on your appliances accounts for 6% of the energy usage in your home.

Connect all computer and peripheral devices like scanners and printers to an extension block and use the remote to switch off power. If your children have devices in their rooms then switch off the power at a time you chose to ensure all the devices are switched off and they get their much needed sleep for the next day. 

Home entertainment systems including TV's, set top boxes, DVD Players, game consoles etc, consume power when left on. Switch the power using a remote control socket and this will not reduce the lifetime of the appliance as some might say but it also reduces the risk of a fire as it is known to be a fire hazard when devices are continually left on in standby mode.

Product Code 025 Silver Remote Controller
Product Code 022 Silver Remote Control Socket (Not Available)
Product Code 024 White Remote Controller
Product Code 021 White Remote Control Socket
Product Code 026 Economy Remote Controller
Product Code 023 Economy Remote Control Socket
Product Code 020 White 5 Pack Remote Controls Kit
Product Code 029 White Remote Control Extension Lead
Product Code 027 Cost Measurement Meter
Product Code 027 Cost Measurement Meter

Identify how much your household appliances cost to run, quickly and easily with this energy consumption monitor. 

Programme in your basic electricity tariff as pound per kWh (this can typically be found on your electricity bill), plug in the consumption monitor to the mains, then plug the appliance you wish to test into the monitor. The forecast function calculates the cost to run the appliance for a day, month and year. This data allows you to plan and budget your household's electricity consumption to avoid unexpectedly large bills.

Use the monitor's total operating time function to determine how long an appliance is on for during a period of your choice. This function is particularly useful for appliances that are not constantly in operation throughout the day such as fridges or heaters. The monitor measures and displays an appliance's consumption in V (voltage), A (current), Hz (frequency), W (effective power), COS (power factor) and kWh (power consumed in one hour).

Please note: This device can be used only in UK.

Product Code 027 Rundown Timer 4 Settings
Product Code 032 Wall Lighting Plug-In Dimmer Switch
Product Code 031 Outdoor Remote Control Socket
Product Code 030 Outdoor Remote Control Sockets
Product Code 033 Dummy Security Camera With LED
Product Code 034 UV Security Marker Pen