Lighting & Security Smart Products

Use your remote control device to switch off water features and lighting on your decking at night without having to venture outside. Set up the rundown timer to operate for a specific period of time that you decide you want the fountain to be on or the decking light to switch off at. 

No longer are you having to venture outside to the garage or to the shed or go to bed forgetting to have switched off the garden features and using electric that is going to show up on your electricity bill the next period it is due. 

The remote control allows you to operate electrical devices from one room within 100 feet without being in direct line of sight and can go through walls. Imagine the scenario where you or a family member are alone at night and they hear someone outside in the garden. The would be burglar sees the house in darkness and is an opportunist and peers through the darkened windows. Alone upstairs the person awakes and is startled on hearing a noise. 

The first thing they do is to switch on the lights in the living room from the safety of their own bedroom without needing to venture downstairs using the remote control device. The would be burglar is startled by the light coming on and not wishing to be seen swiftly leaves the scene. This is just one way that a remote control device that operates the socket into which the light is connected can help keep your home safe from would be intruders. For any elderly person or a singleton living by themselves this is a piece of mind deterrent to help ward off the bad guys and protect yourself and your home. 

For added security you could have a CD player connected to the remote control socket, using your remote you turn on the CD and using the CD remote control and hitting the Play button the CD starts up and the sound of barking dogs can be heard coming from the bedroom. Turn up the volume using the CD remote control and to any would be intruder this would send them scurrying away faster than Usain Bolt. This is just yet another way how the remote control sockets can be utilised and there are many others.