How Energy Smart Devices Function

The Remote Controlled Socket allows you to turn your appliances on and off remotely. It saves you time, effort, electricity and money. Turn off appliances such as computers, TVs, microwaves or lamps. Great for hard to reach sockets under desks or behind TVs or microwaves. Attach a trailing socket to turn off several appliances at once.


  • Turn your appliances off remotely
  • Save energy just by using a remote control
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Turn off several appliances at once by attaching a trailing socket


How it works

The Remote Controlled Socket product consists of two parts; an electrical socket /plug and a remote control. The Remote Controlled Socket is plugged into any normal electrical outlet and can be switched on and off with the remote.

In a home typically you will have your TV, DVD, digital set-top box and a video recorder all plugged into a four or six-way trailing socket that is plugged into the electrical socket in the wall. Simply unplug the four or six-way trailing socket from the wall, plug the Remote Controlled Socket into the wall outlet then plug the four-way trailing socket into the Standby Eliminator Socket. You can now switch off the power to all the appliances completely using the Remote Controlled Socket remote.

Product is ideal or elderly or disabled people as it save them from having to bend down each time to to change sockets or to switch them off at the wall. The device has a 100 foot range and can go through walls to reach other rooms to remotely switch on or off the devices out of their line of sight. 

Below are some examples as to the uses of that these Smart Devices around the home and show how they can reduce fire hazards and are good for your finances:

The remote control sockets and run down timers can manage various aspects of your household and provide the means for a number of uses. Everyone will have their own requirements from not wanting to bend down as much to switch off their main sockets when they retire at night, though to wanting to appear cool and hip using the latest technology in their homes. But everyone will benefit  from a reduced fire risk as a result of switching devices off and reduced energy consumption will mean less electricity will be be used and that can only be good for everyone but especially the bill payers. 

Pond pumps are used to aeroate your fish pond. Don't leave the pump on un-necessary, use a run down timer to control when your pond pump is switched on. You may not be aware that the sound of the pump can be upsetting to neighbours especially if going 24 hours a day. Most electric plugs are situated in garage or a garden shed out of sight and can easily be forgotten last thing at night, especially if its raining or difficult to see at night.

Irons and hair-straighteners left on are a common cause of house fires, reduce the risk of you or a family member leaving electrical items like these switched on in the home. Sometimes people forget to switch these off because they get distracted by something else or simply forget. Often the thought occurs to them when they are away from the house and they would get worried. By using the remote run down timer this ensures the device will switch off at a predetermined time and can only be reset by hand.

Computers, printers and peripheral devices are often all run of an extension lead or plug adaptors in the study or the bedroom, which can sometimes get overloaded. Often the mains sockets are in a difficult to reach places behind tables, cabinets or under beds for example. By using the remote control device, extension leads can be plugged in and all the devices can be connected. Then when the remote control is used all the electrical power will be turned off to all the devices in one go, without the need to bend down to switch off the mains sockets.

Parents could take control of their children viewing times on their desktop computers or TV's for example by selecting the permitted time on the run down timer. This will switch off the device at the required time. On the event that it is required it can be turned off remotely from the parents bedroom or somewhere else in the house. Baby lights or chimes can be timed to go off after pre-determined time so they are not left on.

Opportunistic burglars would be put off if lights are suddenly switched on if the house is in darkness. Why not use the remote control to switch on the DVD player and have a large barking dog CD play through your TV by switching this on at the same time. Then by using your device remote controls you can make it appear there is a large vicious dog with you even when there is not.  Waiting for someone to come home at night then use a remote timer to control when your lights are switched on or off.

You can in some circumstances optimise the performance of your central heating by allowing the radiators to radiate and even get more heat for less money, but this will be dependent on if you have boiler connected directly into a mains socket ( most of them are fitted this way ) or you may need to alter it if it is wired  directly, which is usually a simple change to make for an electrician.

Turn your electric fire or radiator into a thermostatically controlled device which ensure you only use electricity to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature and turns the electrical fire on when the temperature is below that required and turns it off again when it rise half a degree above the desired room temperature.  All easily controlled by a wireless device and you can change the temperature just by a + or - button and it will constantly monitor and show you the the room temperature. It will also work the same way with electrical fans to ensure they are only running when they are needed and are not on constantly burning energy. All of this will reduce your energy costs.