Heating Smart Products

With the cost of energy bills steadily increasing year after year, many are wondering if it will ever let up. Energy prices are already rising more quickly than the average salary, and many people are struggling to pay bills. See the website below for more on this: But there is something you can do about it without the need to change your energy supplier or use complicated wi-fi apps which are themselves a gateway into your smart mobile devices if not secured correctly.
'Now there are a range of energy smart devices that will both help to reduce your energy bills and help your home to become more energy efficient and safer.

They will allow you to heat and cool your home in a more cost efficient manner and make your home safer. These devices not only save you money off your energy bill but can be used to better protect you and your home from unwanted intruders and reduce the fire hazard for you & your family. They are easy to set up without the need for a professional tradesman to visit your home. Visit http://www.energysmart.solutions to see how you can 'Stop Burning Money' and become more energy efficient. 

See these devices below which will keep your room at the desired temperature through inbuilt thermostats which ensures you are not burning unnecessary energy, which in turn is costing you in your pocket. You can even use the wireless thermostat to control when your own electric fire, convector heater or stand alone electric heating devices. Or you can chose a fan heater with its own inbuilt temperature thermostat, the choice is yours on how you to can save on your energy bill.

This handy and compact heater is perfect for those times when you're feeling cold at your desk. With a USB charger for convenience, it sits on your desktop, doesn't take up too much room, and provides much needed heat and warmth.

Wattage 250W  Heat output 250W

Thermostatic control  Number of heat settings 1

Safety features Safety cut out system

Dimensions 164 x 120 x 121mm 

Guarantee 1 year

The Product Code 002 and is available at £39.99 + P&P

Mini Programmable Heater 400W - Product Overview

Chase away the chills with our pint-sized personal heater. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in efficiency making it ideal if you’re crafting in the conservatory, warming up your caravan or just keeping cosy in a confined space. Simple push button operation and a clear LED display enables you to control the temperature between 15° and 32°C and the timer to come on between 1 to 12 hours. Why not plug in a Mini Heater in your bedroom and use the controls to ensure it’s toasty as you turn in for the night? It’s cable free, space-saving and easy to store so why not buy a pair! Measures H16cm xW8.5cm xD10cm (6 1/4in x3 1/4in x4in).

The Product Code is 058 and is available at £29.99 + P&P

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The wireless plug thermostat will operate as a room thermostat that constantly measures the temperature in the room and will switch on or off heating devices as required.  This can easily be programmed to change the room temperature using only two buttons on the remote. This will control any electric radiators or electric fires in the room. It will also control any fans that may be running which ensure that the electric fans are only in use as required. So now instead of leaving the electric fire on constantly burning energy, it can be controlled through the use of this wireless room thermostat. Controls any standard equipment ie. electric fires, electric radiators and electric fans remotely up to 3000 watts.

The Product Code is 006 and is available at £32.99 + P&P

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We also supply an unbranded RF Wireless Thermostat which has the same functions as above. This can be used to control individual areas, designed to be used with portable heating appliances. An Aesthetically designed unit to compliment any room in your home or greenhouse. It will automatically turn On/Off heating appliance as the ambient temperature changes. Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostats, this unit is a new type of thermostat separating the thermostat function into two units. The Remote Controller serves as a user interface and temperature sensing/controller. You can put the Remote Controller in your required room and can read/control the temperature of the living area / comfort zone while the Receiver is situated besides the heating appliance up to 3Kw.

The Product Code is 003 and is available at £24.99 + P&P


  • 2 Heat Settings: 1000/2000W Cool blow setting - Overheat protection - Thermal cut-out protection - Safety thermal fuse built in - Adjustable room thermostat - Automatic temperature control - Anti-frost protection - Power indicator light.
  • The Product Code is 059 and is available at £29.99 + P&P

 2kW Portable Fan Heater - Product Overview 

  • 2 Heat Settings: 1000/2000W - Cool blow setting - Overheat protection - Thermal cut-out protection - Safety thermal fuse built in - Adjustable room thermostat - Automatic temperature control -Anti-frost protection.

  • The Product Code is 060 and is available at £29.99 + P&P

2kW Upright Free Standing Fan Heater - Product Overview

  • 2 Heat Settings: 1000/2000W - Fan mode - Overheat protection - Thermal cut-out protection - Safety thermal fuse built in - Adjustable room thermostat - Automatic temperature control - Anti-frost protection - Power indicator light

  • The Product Code is 061 and is available at £29.99 + P&P


Laminate insulation tape that can be used to seal off around the edges of the skirting that has enough tackiness to ensure it stays on but also allows for expansion when the wood moves. No floor to wall is dead level and the non permanent insulation tape will ensure that no cold air is allowed in or tiny insects like spiders, ants, slugs etc from the outside or under the floorboards. This tape can be fitted easily when laying new laminate floors or retrospectively if cold air seepage is a problem in your room. 

The Product Code is 062 & 063 and is available at £6.99 & £11.99 + P&P

Remote control fixed 15 minute run down timer. This will allow you to remotely control your run down timer and does not require you to manually operate the timer yourself. This product works in conjunction with the remote control socket and allows you the freedom to operate remotely a number of electrical devices around the home. 

  • The Product Code is 007 and is available at £24.00 + 2.99

When you want to heat your home, you switch on the boiler with an electric switch. A valve opens, gas enters a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler through lots of small jets, and an electric ignition system sets them alight. The gas jets play onto a heat exchanger connected to a pipe carrying cold water.

Steam radiators work by boiling water to create steam. That steam then travels up a set of pipes into the radiator, which in turn, heats up the room via radiation and convection. As the steam travels through the unit, it slowly cools down and turns into condensation.

The radiators are designed to heat the air in the room using convection to transferheat from the radiators to the surrounding air. They do this by drawing cool air in at the bottom, warming the air as it passes over the radiator fins, and discharging the heated air at the top.

In a typical UK household, more than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water.

HOMES heated by steam or circulating hot water have radiators. It's likely that a lot of heat is being wasted because the hot water circulates through the system and back to the boiler without ever losing all of its heat to the air inside the house.When this happens, people tend to turn the thermostat higher than normally required, thus adding considerably to the heating bill.

After the hot water heats the radiator, heat is supposed to be radiated into the room. The heat actually warms the air in two ways: by radiation and convection. Older-style free-standing radiators of cast iron consist of multiple sections that allow air to flow through and around. The cast iron stores heat, which will continue radiating out into the room for some time after the heat goes off.

So it stands to reason that the hot water circulating through your central heating system and passing through the radiators is constant and the boiler is burning gas in its main gas burner at a constant rate as well. The radiators are designed in such a way that the heat is radiated off and the air surrounding is then distributed around the room through convection. The boiler is controlled by a thermostat and a timer to ensure this is constant throughout. 

Now if there was a way to set the boiler to burn gas in the main gas burner only when it was actually required rather than at a constant rate then it stands to reason that we would use less gas consumption and our energy bills would be lower, well it seems there is a way to achieve it. 

For a modest outlay of less than £25 plus P&P, you will receive a remote control device that achieves all that and more with full instructions in its use. We have scoured the markets for such a device and this proved fruitless until now. But its not only the remote device itself that is important, but it is how it is installed and used that will give you maximum savings on your utility bills. On purchase you will be sent a full list of instructions along with the remote device which will allow you to maximise savings without having to change your energy supplier. Rest assured this is the best way to save money on your utility bills and the remote device is only available from Energy Smart Solutions.