Energy Smart Home

Household appliances are not designed to be left on standby mode overnight. Effortlessly turn off household items in the evening and switch back on in the morning, significantly reducing your energy costs and potential fire hazards. Ideal for those with mobility issues. Remote control plugs have a full 30m range and high radio frequency for out of sight appliances. Perfect for plug sockets situated in hard to reach and awkward places, reducing energy wastage.

Inside the website you will find out the many ways you can save money on your utility bills and reduce the risk of fires and make yourself and your home more secure for a modest outlay. The benefits to be had are many as are the uses and we have given you some ideas how you can use these devices around the home. 

Our thermostat wireless device will turn your electric fire or radiator into a thermostatically controlled device which ensure you only use electricity to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature and turns the electrical fire on when the temperature is below that required and turns it off again when it rise half a degree above the desired room temperature. All easily controlled by a wireless device and you can change the temperature just by a + or - button and it will constantly monitor and show you the the room temperature. It will also work the same way with electrical fans to ensure they are only running when they are needed and are not on constantly burning energy. All of this will reduce your energy costs. More about this.

Unlike the Hive these remote control sockets are easily installed without the need for a tradesman as they just plug into the existing mains sockets in the house. The remote controller can operate up to 5 separate devices that are plugged in to these sockets. Additional sockets and controllers can be purchased and are easily set up to work independent of each other. They do not require line of sight or an internet or WiFi connection and they can work up to 30m range going through walls and ceilings in the home or office.